Welcome to LTE Skin Demo

Theme Builder for Admin LTE3

LTE Skin - AdminLTE3 Theme Builder let you make unlimited possibilities and easy to integrate into your existing AdminLTE3 website. To purchase this script CLICK HERE

What you can do with LTE Skin?

  • Use bundled template to skin your existing AdminLTE3 Website
  • Integrate script to become your Theme manager

Bundled with pre-built Skin-set that you can use by importing as .CSS file or copy/clone existing style to edit for making any style you wish.


  • Theme library
  • Inline documentation
  • Download/export to css
  • Preview by AdminLTE Demo
  • Sample themes
  • ON/OFF toggle for convenient editing


  • Header
  • Footer
  • Navigation (Top Menu)
  • Sidebar (Left Menu)
  • Panels (Widgets)
  • Bootstrap Main Colors + Gradient
  • Logo / Brand Accent
  • Breadcrumb
  • Content Wrapper
  • Buttons
  • Form Control
  • Table
  • Paging

Quick Tutorial - How to apply theme into your AdminLTE Website

Video Tutorial - LTE Skin Video Tutorial